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Backpack Weed Sprayer Reviews

Tahoe Backpack Garden/Lawn/Weed/Pest Sprayer 4 Gal Gallon

Tahoe sprayers are compact and versatile, ideally suited for home lawn and garden projects to spray; water, insecticides. herbicides, fertilizers and much more.

Product Ratings
  • “The straps are very uncomfortable, particularly with a full load – they should be wider with larger pads.” – Fred Fahlen
  • “I would highly recommend this sprayer to anyone that is looking for a backpack sprayer.” – SLMattie
  • “I got the product and was happy for the first two gallons, then it broke, pump quit working.” – Vincent Kelly

Chapin 61700N SureSpray Deluxe Backpack Poly Sprayer, 4-Gallon

This backpack sprayer is perfect for large spraying jobs. Comfortable straps let you lug 4 gallons of solution around with little exertion. U.

Expert Advice
  • “This sprayer cut my spraying time in half and will never use my old hand pump canister type sprayers again.” – Gregory Arey
  • “I have used a half dozen times since without a glitch.” – Robert Shell
  • “Only comment/concern is that the shoulder straps are thin and have very little padding.” – buckeyefan

Chapin 61800 Professional 4 - Gallon Backpack Poly Sprayer

Chapin Pro. Backpack Sprayer 4GProf. Backpack Poly Sprayer with Viton Seals.

Buying Guides
  • “I have a large yard ~ 2 acreas and was using a 2 gallon handheld sprayer and this backpack sprayer is great – has saved me a lot of time.” – Peter
  • “You knew a good thing when you used it.” – Tobyjoe
  • “The straps fit nicely and it is very comfortable to use.” – prowoodman

Chapin 61900 Tree/Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer SS Wand, 4-Gallon

Chapin Tree/TurfCommrclBckPckSpryr 4GTree/Turf Commercial Sprayer. 4 Gallons. Stianless Steel wand.

  • “So much better than and easier to use than my old hand pump and carry sprayer.” – Rebecca Alden
  • “Strap and clips on shoulder harness is a nice feature that keeps the shoulder harnesses in an optimal position and prevents them from sliding around.” – Steven Mullenaux
  • “The built in pressure gauge was a neat feature.” – Stan L. Suring

Hudson 63183 Yard & Garden Bak-Pak 3 Gallon Sprayer Poly

For home, lawn and garden rely on Hudson sprayers to protect against insects, weeds and plant diseases. We also make life easier with sprayers for wood deck maintenance, removing wallpaper, mildew control, and many other applications.

  • “Leaks were an issue too, but I solved that problem by replacing the cheapo pinch-type hose clamps with worm gear clamps.” – J. Bonbright
  • “Overall, a good unit, a major improvement over the one gallon sprayer I was using.” – Phil
  • “I’m pretty lazy about things like that, but after replacing cheap sprayers all the time I tried harder to maintain this one.” – P. Halls

Solo 473-P 3-Gallon Professional Backpack Sprayer

Rugged Solo 473-P backpack sprayers are designed for jobs both large and small. Solo 473-P professional backpack sprayers are equipped with a piston pump system.

Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer

4-Gallon professional backpack piston sprayer.

Product Comparisons
  • “The sprayer works great.” – xofderoo
  • “This is better than I imagined.” – Cap
  • “On the negative side, the straps aren’t the most comfortable and they do have a tendency to slip off my shoulder from time to time.” – gordinski

ShurFlo ProPack SRS-600 4-Gallon Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer

New features include a 40 faster charger, a splash-proof battery pack and power connection, and a Teejet polypropylene spray wand. Battery powered and completely rechargeable for ease of use.

Product Ratings
  • “For me, the batteries are lasting over a year, and I’m fine with that for a rechargeable.” – Daniel Carter
  • “There is no support from the manufacturer for this unit.” – M. Kothari
  • “This is the best sprayer I have every used in the lawn care industry.” – Turftrax

Stanley 61804 Professional Backpack Poly 4-Gallon Sprayer

The Stanley Backpack Sprayer features left or right handed pumping. Included are nozzles to handle all your spraying needs. A strainer basket is included in the top of the tank to prevent contamination of the liquid with solids.

Consumer Guide
  • “The sprayer works great and is comfortable to use.” – Frank
  • “This sprayer makes it so much easier and faster.” – househubby
  • “It failed after only a couple of hours use.” – J. Pankow

Solo 475 4-Gallon Professional Diaphragm Backpack Sprayer

4-Gallon professional backpack diaphragm sprayer.

Customer Reviews
  • “The problem is (as stated by another post) going online to read the instructions on how to take apart, check, clean, and replace parts is WAY too complicated.” – G. Anderson
  • “The pump does not create enough pressure to to spray properly, the liquid just trickles out.” – smallfarmguy
  • “The unit worked very well last time I used it, now it does not pump properly.” – P. Monette

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