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Best Value Hand Held Sprayers

Gilmour Hand Held Sprayer 1.5-Quart Yellow 030P

030P Features: -Hand pump sprayer.-Fast pressurizing, non corroding polymer pump.-Chemical resistant polymer discharge valve.

Product Reviews
  • “I tried everything and I couldn’t stop it from dripping.” – SkierBrian
  • “Same design of part I can find locally (Lowe’s etc) and it would have been cheaper/faster.” – J. Haines
  • “The spray pattern (from fine “cone” to solid stream) is easy to adjust by simply twisting the brass nozzle.” – Penny

Chapin 16-Ounce Hand and Dusters Rose and Plant Duster Sprayer 5000

The Chapin rose and plant sprayer and duster is a hand tool ideal for quickly and efficiently applying healthy chemicals to your fruit trees, flowers, vegetables or ornamentals.

Product Comparisons
  • “Must be a trick to using it..have had this for a while and still can’t figure out how to use it properly or if it is really useful.” – J. Adams
  • “I was trying to use it with Sevin dust.” – D. Chapman
  • “This kind of blows it out in a larger volume than you need.” – SOGWAP

RL Flo-Master 1985HD Hand-held Sprayer

1985HD Features: -Hand held sprayer.-Capacity: 3 pint.-Adjustable spray tip.

Solo® 457V Hand-held Sprayer 3 Gal

Specially designed pumps with a spraying pressure of up to 45 psi means over 50% fewer pump strokes than other sprayers. Viton® chemical-resistant seals and O-rings stand up to harsh chemicals.

Chapin Hand 48-Ounce Multi-Purpose Sprayer 1002

The Chapin 48-ounce multi-purpose hand sprayer is ideal for spraying weeds and bee hives, feeding flowers and plants, and cleaning windows. It features the Sure Spray filter to help prevent clogging.

Chapin Hand Sprayer Multi Purpose Poly Foamer Sprayer 48-Ounce 1054


48 ozs cap.

Chapin Hand 48-Ounce Wallpaper Sprayer 1009

The Chapin wallpaper 48-ounce hand sprayer features a patented SureSpray Anti-Clog Filter that helps prevent clogging during operation. This multi-purpose sprayer includes an adjustable nozzle that produces a fine mist to coarse stream.

Chapin 1003 Hand 48-Ounce Farm and Field Hand Sprayer

1003 Features: -Sprayer.-Hand-held sprayer with poly adjustable nozzle (cone to stream).-Multi-use farm and field sprayer.

Ace Hand Held Poly Sprayer 48 Oz.

Ace Hand Held Poly Sprayer 48 Oz. Translucent Tank With Measuring Marks Adjustable Nozzle Chemical Resistant Poly Tank Boxed Discovery Con, Nbr, Sup, Hwu All items sold new in original packaging

Chapin 1002 48 Ounce Poly Hand-Held Style Cleaner/Degreaser
Chapin Manufacturing

48 oz. hand-held style unit. Designed for safe applications of the harshest chemicals.

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